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Teaching Teams New Tricks

Effective team training involves three critical elements for each member:

  1. Willingness and openness to learn
  2. Basic project execution skills
  3. Basic task-related knowledge


Key Focus: Willingness to Learn

Every team member must be open to learning and taking on new challenges, even when facing doubt. Skills can be taught, and knowledge can be shared, but the willingness to learn is inherent and essential for team success.

Understanding Learning Styles

Recognize the different learning styles within your team:

Kinesthetic Learners: Learn by doing.

Auditory Learners: Learn by hearing.

Visual Learners: Learn by seeing.

Tailor your training to match these styles and provide additional support as needed.

Shared Goals and Accountability

Set shared goals and timelines. Let the team establish boundaries and consequences, and ensure there is a clear accountability plan.

Personality Dynamics

Use personality assessments to understand and improve team communication and output. Understanding each other’s styles is crucial.

Managing External and Internal Challenges

Monitor and adjust for external factors and internal politics that could affect team dynamics and motivation.

Individual Rewards

Recognize and reward individual achievements to keep motivation high, considering that each team member is unique.

By fostering a willingness to learn, accommodating different learning styles, setting clear goals, understanding personality dynamics, and managing challenges, you can guide your team to exceptional success.

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